Saving Quest Objects via Blueprints

Hey guys,

I’ve been developing a mobile game for a bit and am really stuck on wrapping my head around what the best way would be to implement a robust quest system. At first, I wanted to create Quest Actors that each manage their own information about a certain quest, and an interface that would bind all these actors together.

The part that screwed me on this approach was when it came to saving. I wanted to serialize the properties of the Quest Actors into a common struct and put a list of those in a save object as something like “ActiveQuests”, for example, but the problem is there is no common model or struct that will encompass every property of every quest.

So I’m really stuck now. I really don’t want to introduce c++ to my project because I’ve gotten by without it and think bringing it in for the sole purpose of saving quest information is a little extreme. It also seems really hard to implement. Am I way off the mark in thinking what I want is impossible via blueprints? Is doing something like Rama’s custom save the only way I can achieve what I want? Rama if you’re out there, or someone that has used it before, can one of you confirm this works on mobile? And no, I’m not going to spend money on a plugin, so please don’t use this as an opportunity to pitch me your plugin that guarantees to do this, I’d like to do it myself please.

Appreciate any help!

Well U should PM at the forums to Rama Best option now and yes HNY