Saving Post processing volume settings

How can I save out the settings of a post processing volume?


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Hello FranklynJones,

As far as keeping the values of a specific Post Process Volume saved, whenever you ‘Save All’ it should save all the changes made to any assets or values in your project.

If you are talking about taking the Post Process Volume, saving out the values to a file and importing them into a different project, that is something I do not think we have integrated at this time. There is a way I could think of doing this, but it is a more manual approach.

You could go into your .ini files of your project and find the place where the Post Process Volume is being set and copy and paste the values into the .ini files of whatever project you wish. With that being said, I went ahead and entered a feature request for this since I do see this as being a very helpful way of keeping the same visual aesthetic and settings from project to project.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your quick answer and useful to know about the .ini files of the PPV. Logically, in my head at least, I see the PPV as an asset that once it’s setup you might want to migrate to another project etc. and exists as a piece of content.

Kind Regards,

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