Saving DataTables Via Editor Utility Widget

I’ve been using the Editor Utility Widgets to help me write books that better fit the game UI.

It’s super useful, but I can’t find a way to save over or generate new data tables. I can copy the text but it’s slow.

Any ideas?


Alright well I found a function called “Fill Data Table From CSV String” which allows me to override Data Tables from blueprint.

I exported an existing data table to .CSV and opened it in notepad. Copied all the text and plugged it in. It works.

Thanks for the tip.

However, I did not want to export/import manually, so I just used string nodes to cut, rip and replace what I needed:

■■■■ you Epic for making us do this!

EDIT: Ha, the auto-censoring makes it seem much worse, but I’ll leave it.

Glad to help.

Exporting to CSV was mainly the fastest way I could think to read exactly how the datatable was formatted.

That looks about like what I did. Good job solving it.