Blueprint Data Table

Please Epic, add the basic functions of adding and updating DataTableRows in the Blueprint Editor. These are essential functions and workarounds are a realy pain :frowning:

DataTables are meant as static data and not meant to be changed at runtime

But why? Would that be such a big deal, to add this functionality? Especially for Product Configurators for Example, Data Tables are much more well-arranged than Structs

What you need is a plugin for using an SQL database, preferable SQLite. I have no idea why Epic doesn’t want to add this, this is such an oversight but hey, they can’t even get to add a “category” feature for our vault. :stuck_out_tongue:

The easy thing to do would be to have a static/read only parameter for their data tables. Disabling it would allow you to call nodes for editing the table contents

[[PLUGIN] USQLite - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums

]([PLUGIN] USQLite - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums)

There are many many reasons to not allow DataTables to be modifiable at runtime. Most importantly, it would defeat their primary purpose - being extremely fast and lightweight for storing a lot of static data.

Thank you thats perfect!

But when will there be a native writeable option?

The above suggested plugin doesn’t support MacOS or iOS, for example, which should be a pretty big deal.

It’s not like this is a new request:






Bet I’ve missed a few too…

yeah it would be nice to get a deeper look at how EpicGames themselves solve such problems for example on their Fortnite game