Blueprint Data Table

Please Epic, add the basic functions of adding and updating DataTableRows in the Blueprint Editor. These are essential functions and workarounds are a realy pain :frowning:

DataTables are meant as static data and not meant to be changed at runtime

But why? Would that be such a big deal, to add this functionality? Especially for Product Configurators for Example, Data Tables are much more well-arranged than Structs

What you need is a plugin for using an SQL database, preferable SQLite. I have no idea why Epic doesn’t want to add this, this is such an oversight but hey, they can’t even get to add a “category” feature for our vault. :stuck_out_tongue:

The easy thing to do would be to have a static/read only parameter for their data tables. Disabling it would allow you to call nodes for editing the table contents


There are many many reasons to not allow DataTables to be modifiable at runtime. Most importantly, it would defeat their primary purpose - being extremely fast and lightweight for storing a lot of static data.

Thank you thats perfect!

But when will there be a native writeable option?

The above suggested plugin doesn’t support MacOS or iOS, for example, which should be a pretty big deal.

It’s not like this is a new request:






Bet I’ve missed a few too…

yeah it would be nice to get a deeper look at how EpicGames themselves solve such problems for example on their Fortnite game