Saving a post process volume

What’s the easiest way to save a post process volume so I can pull it up in a different project? I’m assuming this is obvious but I can’t seem to figure it out…I can’t find anything specific in the documentation…


AFAIK, postprocess volumes are level-only actors. Maybe save a level with a postprocess volume and copy it to another project?

The only way I know of to get assets into other projects is to use the migrate function in the content browser, and volumes obviously don’t show up there. Is it possible to create a blueprint containing just a post process volume? I can’t imagine you have to redo all your post process settings each time you create a new level…

Ctrl C

Open notepad

Ctrl V


That goes for any actor. It is just text, you can just use notepad to save any object in any level, and use it to store the object in for later use.

Volumes in BP are AFAIK a future feature. Right now you must really copy paste it each time.


Actually, as long as you do not have any project specific actors in your level, you can just copy the whole .umap file to another project.

That works a charm…thanks for the input

Dude, thanks a lot. I appreciate

Sorry to ask, but you save them with what extension? And how do you paste them into the new project?