Save viewport's specular map

In the same way that it’s fairly simple to take a screenshot of the viewport, is it possible to save the Specular or Roughness maps (or any other of those maps in ViewMode>BufferVisualisation) of whatever is being displayed in the viewport?

I’m trying to do this using c++ but blueprint or editorUI answers are also welcome :slight_smile:

Using the Editor’s UI is quite simple. Just need to enable the “Include Buffer Visualization Targets” in the “High Resolution Screenshot” dialog. This will save all the viewport’s buffer targets: BaseColor, Specular, WorldNormal, Opacity, Roughness, Metallic, etc.

What about doing this with C++?

To do this in C++ you’ll need to go pretty deep inside the engine. Concretely, the method FRenderingCompositionGraph::DumpOutputToFile(…) is where you can have access without too much trouble to each of those BufferVisualisation maps. I believe most of the maps go in “case PF_B8G8R8A8:”. Hope this helps to anyone trying to access these maps. The modification I made was to, instead of shaving them to disk, save a couple of them in the shared memory space.