Save Pose Snapshot jolts model - any workaround?

I am using 4.26.2. This is what I got and I need for ragdoll to turn into just a posed mesh laying on the ground

I tried this method How to handle dead bodies? | 'Freezing' ragdolls for performance? - #15 by MostHost_LA and when snapshot is taken, ragdoll jolts momentarily and it’s quite noticeable.
So, the method works, but it’s unusable due to the jolt. Is there any other way to stop ragdoll from simulating? Or maybe there is a way to avoid jolt when saving pose snapshot ?


Stiffen your ragdoll.
Right now it’s jello instead of human.
Making it the right stiffness will already reduce some of that shaking/twitching.
And is there an animation running on it? Use anim debug to make sure there isn’t. If there is. Obviously set an animation state where it just has a 1 frame animation during the ragdoll stage.

Haven’t worked with chaos and ragdolls btw - if you are on the latest engine this could very well be a new feature :stuck_out_tongue:

(Also, I suggest you prevent the joints from overextended entierly. Yes they do normally. But it’s prone to issues no matter what physics engine is in use. If you only allow them to bend the “right” way it prevents wierd falling and unnatural poses).

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@MostHost_LA Stiffen up how? Reduce limits or dampen it more ?

I am on 4.26.2, so it’s PhysX.

@MostHost_LA This is the issue btw:

I think I fixed it:

I guess I have been using physical animation groups more than pure ragdoll.
With that, you create a profile, set it’s stiffness limits, make sure the base animation is a single frame from the idle / or something that doesn’t move.
And it looks visually a lot better than a pure ragdoll.

Looking at the video of the issue, it seems like it’s trying to flip through a different root bone or similar rotation between parts.

The last vid looks much better.

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