Save Our Souls, A story driven action adventure game.

Hi guys, I haven’t update in some time but the project is going well. Right now I’m working on another level, here’s preview shot.


Done with the level, and I’ve made a speed level design video if you’d like to see how it was all done.

Hi guys, I’ve made a lot of progress over the past 2 weeks, a Pre-Alpha demo of the game is now available. You can download it on this thread SaveOurSouls Pre-Alpha Demo Now Available - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums
here’s a trailer video, let me know what you think if you try out the game.

Update, done some more work on the enemy A.I’s. Grounded enemies can roam and I’ve added flying enemies… still a ways of from perfect though.- YouTube

And for the past 2 days I’ve been working on a new face, I’m abandoning trying to make realistic characters because I just don’t have the skills or resources for it. the new face is still in the early stages but hopefully it will look a lot better even if realism isn’t the main goal.

Done some more work on the new character and improving the animations. Trying out a more frantic style of play aswell.

Hey, just wanted to say that the new face does look much better! Keep it up… I’m sure the one man band is tough to say the least!

Thanks A lot, I’m working hard on this 1, trying to make her look as good as possible. I’m going to post some more images/videos when she’s complete-ish torwards the end of the week.

Hi guys, here’s the latest progress on the character and environment.


Very nice! I like her character design, especially the face. If you can share this, what tools are you using to make the characters? (if this has been mentioned already, sorry, I skimmed through the posts and it didn’t jump at me)

I also like the city vibe in the video! Keep it up!

Thanks, and no I haven’t mentioned the software. I use Zbrush & 3dsmax for models and animation and photoshop to a edit the textures, I switch between them wherever necessary, mostly I do base meshes in 3dsmax then add detail, create normal maps and texture maps with zb. This is an old video I made talking about the development process and software I use but be warned the graphics really sucked back then and its a bit long, but insightful.

Going to be creating a lot of new art assets over the next few weeks/months while I work on some other things, just got started.



Decided to go the modular route instead.

So I’ll be making a few levels for an extra mode apart from story mode called Wastelands, its a mode where the player will have to complete specific tasks in the waste lands and kill as many enemies as possible as quickly as possible to get the highest score.

Here’s the latest update, I’m doing some more environment and character work

I imagine the right character would clean a little sometimes her pants to not carry so much dirt.

If you look carefully you’ll notice the left character is almost as dirty, but yeah they both clean up after every mission.

Another gameplay update, doing more work on the A.I.

Hi guys, Its been a while since I last updated this thread, development is going very well and lots of updates have been made. Check out the latest trailer to see where development is at right now

And the game also had a very successful greenlight campaign and will be launched on steam later this year. It hit the top five voted games during its campaign.