Save Our Souls, A story driven action adventure game

Hi everyone, my name’s Martin Kalimuwka, founder and sole developer of Relentless Game Studios. I’m developing a story driven third person shooter called Save Our Souls (3 Episodes). Episode 1 is set to launch for PC on Steam in 2017.

Save Our Souls takes place in a post apocalyptic future torn apart by demons and ruled by many warring factions. It Stars 3 female leads who must band together and set out on a journey to stop the end of the world. The game features fast paced action packed game play and a large variety of environments, weapons, enemies, as well as land and aerial vehicles, the player will gun down enemies using the 3 heroines, each with their own unique special abilities. All the while being immersed in an Epic and cinematic story.

Latest Video


Hi everyone, this is my game, Save Our Souls. It’s about 3 young characters who go on the journey of a lifetime. (edit: I’m working on this game alone, in case anyone’s wondering)

I’ve been working on the game for 3 months now but I started the project as an animation a while back. Ill be posting the latest screen shots, videos, blueprints and playable demos here for feedback and help and hopefully somone else can also learn a thing or 2, Let me know what you think. Thanks

that’s pretty impressive if you are doing it all by yourself! I can barely see what is happening though, might want lighten the area up a wee bit maybe

The video is actually a bit darker than the actual game, but yeah I totally agree it still needs to be lightened up a bit. Part of the idea for the scene is that theirs a black out so it’s only being lit by the moonlight a few other things in the environment. And yes I am working on it alone, their aren’t many developers in my country.

Looks interesting, I will be following =)

You should have a look at how they use lighting in Alien Isolation, they have done a fantastic job.

Really neat looking… following thread too! Setting does seem interesting for sure!


Thanks, I’ll try and see what I can borrow from them.

AdamF & Teak421 thanks, and stay tuned.

I’m currently working on a new character, if anybody knows where I can get find some step by step tutorials for making a proper skin shader please let me know.

It looks amazing ! but it needs some work with the lighting , environmental effects ( a bit of fog , smoke , maybe some news papers passing by and the hardest part will be working with physics ( just go into a 3D software , simulate some destruction like for example a building falling in the far view , get that model from the engine and add some simulations to it , bake the physics so that its a pre-keyed animation and then import to unreal engine ) those things will add a greater feeling to the eye :slight_smile:

I appreciate the Futuristic Urban Sci-Fi setting. I can definitely feel an intense Demon Survival Horror with opportunity to do something new with a Sci-fi Theme. Great Job. Keep it up!

Hi, Thanks for the comment, the environment at this stage is mostly just unfinished in the video, I wanted to know if I could really get the A.I to work especially on such a level. Very soon I’m going to alter most of the buildings and props to make it really look like a city under siege. And definitely going for some pre-keyed physics simulation, it’s actually the moment I’ve waiting for :wink:

TechLord thanks, I’m hoping to make something really worth playing.

I adjusted the lighting a bit and decided to add a rechargeable flash light, hopefully it will help with the darkness. I could just make the lighting a lot brighter but it takes away from mood.

1 of the most difficult things when I started working on this project was trying to figure out how to create proper aim and fire blueprints since I’m not very experienced with blueprints, for people who’ve been creating similar games this is very basic stuff, but for anyone who’s interested in how I approached it here are my 2 main blueprints for aiming and firing there are a few other functions that I don’t show here, mostly just action events from input.

I built the entire system using this tutorial series and added onto to it to suit my project

If theirs anything anyone would like to know about how im creating the game, feel free to let me know and I’ll see id I can answer.

I just uploaded a new development video for the month. And ill fix the links above.

Looking Better , keep it up ! :slight_smile:

This looks very engaging and frankly makes me feel like giving up.

Thanks and Lol its usually better to start over if you haven’t been doing your project for long. When you apply the new things you’ve learned it turns out better. When I began this project as an animation I started over at least 3 times . The reason I decided to make a game is because I just couldn’t resist how much more engaging a game is.

Never a good idea to start a new level design without some kind of layout.


Latest progress using some infiltrator assets as well as my own.


Some more progress, this is a later part of the night mission in the video above.

That was alot of work but it’s almost done, I’m probably going to work on something else for a while but I’ll come back to it later on.

Here’s a speed video of how I created it. Let me know what you think :slight_smile: