Save/Load Layout and Export/Import Preferences don't work

There is option for saving layout, but no way to load it back. Currently I have(Well, had) 2 layouts - one for PC development and one for Mobile development and I thought I can switch them. “Save Layout” is implying you can load them back… but there is no such button or option. Wtf?

**Preferences **
Actually same situation. I can export preferences, but Import button is greyed out in editor no matter what I do. I guess you can import only Keyboard shortcuts, but then why this button exist in ~20 tabs if it works only in Keyboard shortcuts

Hi zeOrb,

Thank you for your suggestions. I have entered two feature requests, UE-31839 and UE-31840, to be considered by the development staff.

Thanks, appreciate it :slight_smile:

it’s very lame that you put the export feature and the import button as well but it’s grayedout lol…

Hi, is there any new info in this topic?

My setting are resetting every time I reopen Engine.
I can’t Import them from file.
All I can do is to import KeyBindings layer.

Any news on this? The import button is still greyed out in 4.1 7 and save as default still doesn’t work.

Can’t get it to work in 4.19, either.

I believe the issue discussed in this thread is the same as this one; Vast majority of Editor Preferences does not save - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums .
And I did create a PR for it to resolve the issue, however it hasn’t been integrated yet, see .