Save image sequence from fbx camera imported into matinne

Hello everyboy,

I recently started using unreal 4 and I’m currently stuck trying to export a image sequence from a animated camera imported as a FBX into Matinee.

When i play and preview the camera it looks fine but now I want to export an image sequence and I dont know how.
Does anyone know what the next step will be?


I guess I did everything but I didn’t quite undestand this part

" make sure you have a director track with a keyframe setup to the camera you want to record."

what is a director track? how do a create that?


Right click in the empty grey area inside Matinee then pick Director track. Go to frame 0, hit Enter, and pick the camera you have inside the Matinee.

It worked! thank you!

I’m having another problem now, I’m trying to import another camera that has keyframe in translation and rotation in unreal but that camera snaps to the wrong place inside unreal once I import that into Matinee.

I exported a chuck of meshes from unreal to use as a reference in maya so I could animate a camera movement thorough the environment, but now when I try to import into unreal the camera doesn’t work =/

any ideas?

I dont know how much i can help you with this. :\ Is it only location snapping issue or rotation? Is Rot Mode for the movement track set to Keyframed or something else?

I ended up switching to 3Dsmax and setting up the scene so now it its in the right place when I import the camera to unreal, and I just set up everything as I did in the last camera and it works just fine thought the camera view window that shows up on the unreal viewport but once I try to rent it gets all black. i will keep trying it out until i understand what is going on.