Save game object not working please help.

I am building a game through blueprints My main game started with the third person template so my main level map is called “ThirdPersonExampleMap” i have built most of my game so far inside this level i have created save game functions within this map which works fine saves everything as it should Workflow = Check if save game object is valid - if its not create save game object - set variables - save game to slot. Works like charm i press S the .sav files appear in the save game folder.

My issue is because i wanted a “Main Menu” to appear before the actual game loaded i created a new level map and just called it “test” inside this i have got my main menu to show i can get the buttons to work fine for example when i press “New Game” it will load the main level fine using “open Level” node on the button click, If i change options they will change etc…

I am trying to save some variables from the main menu to load at a later time within the main level map. I have set up a save game object and function just like i did above just with its own things like name, slot name, save game object name etc… i have done the same workflow but no mater what way i try to call the save game function it just refuses to create a save game file like with the other map nothing appears in the save folder at all and i cant figure out for the life of me why… is it because im trying to do it inside the blank level map i created am i missing a setting somewhere i have no idea. Screen shots below one of the save game function and one of the way that function is called.

I have managed to figure it out and get it working. I will post this answer just in case anyone else comes up against the same issue may find it helpful as i was not able to find any info on it myself.

I was attempting to create the save game through the widgets themselves so inside of the main menu widget or its Sub-Widgets. This seems to be where the issue arose from no matter how i set it up it just refused to create the save file.

The way i fixed it was to instead of doing it through the widgets i have done the save function inside the “HUD” blueprint that is set on my blank “levelMap” Inside the HUD i created the save function as normal then got a reference to my widgets to get the variables, then to fire the function still inside the HUD BP i went from the tick event and bound the button presses to the function that way which works great.

So it would seem that UE4 doesnt allow save game objects to be created inside a UMG BP (my opinion not certain if its a fact) and that you can only create them through a normal BP.

thanks man