Save actors in editor


I am extending the editor, to create a wave editor for a shoot’em up game. I made a viewport, in which I can spawn and move the actors where I want.
But, after moving them or editing their properties (it might be a property somewhere in the components), I would like to save theses actor datas to load them at runtime (using theses actors as templates).
But I do not know how to make it.

Actually, I just fill an array of actors in the editor, but when I want to save, I got the issue with dependencies on private objects. Perhaps, there is a way to break theses dependencies before saving ?

Well, the best solution I found was to make my wave asset inherit from UWorld (setting up the UWorld almost like the engine does with its UWorldFactory). From here, I can populate the world of my asset with the actors I want to save (using SpawnActor).
With that setting, the save system work well and my actor are correctly saved.

3 days to find that… Hope it will help someone else.