Sane – Third Person Adventure Game

Development has slowed down a bit during the last two weeks as the team is moving into an actual studio and leaves the desks at home behind to serve as mere gaming stations :smiley:
If everything goes smoothly we are going to finish moving this weekend.

Of course we did not stop working on the game and with the new focus on environment art we created a lot of blueprints to speed up the process and also looked at some plugins. One of those is TrueSky by Simul, you can check out a short clip of our evaluation test right here:


Looks really promising! We just have to do some more tests but things are looking good and we would like to use it!

Environment Art has started and we are currently creating tons of textures and materials!

All of these are rendered in Unreal on a simple plane :smiley:

We are mainly using Substance Designer to create our Textures, such an awesome tool!

Feel free to let us know what you think! :slight_smile:

I would like to see some character tutorials.

Thanks for the feedback Galeon :slight_smile:
We still want to make that tutorial but it might take a little longer.
Things have been a bit hectic with the move to the new studio (isnt going to happen this weekend since there is still no internet access in the office :confused: ) but thanks to your feedback its now higher up on our to do list :smiley:

We started working on the ui for our game and have a couple of styles we are experimenting with for our icons:

Feel free to let us know which one is your favorite!

This is what they are supposed to look like ingame when applied to the radial menu for our inventory:

This ingame screenshot is taken from a level thats still in its greybox stage so please ignore the environment art for now :smiley:

Currently preparing some delicious pasta for our terrain shader:

Gonna share the result later today, we have a really cool setup with tesslation and paintable puddles which are masked by heightmaps etc.
Had quite a few problems with the terrain just displaying the basic grey material and other stuff but everythings working now. Just gotta clean up those messy shaders.

This is the result of the spaghetti monster I posted earlier today:

Its one of our terrain materials. It blends between the textures with their heightmap and has distance based tessellation.
You can also paint in procedural puddles that conform to the underlying textures:

Same scene without puddles:

The puddles have settings like depth to control their color and opacity or edge wetness

I still get a weird x3004 compile error on the material but it doesnt seem to prevent it from working. Not really sure whats happening there it shows up suddenly and then disappears again…
It takes forever to compile after changing something so searching for the cause is giving me a headache. If somebody has experienced this before Id be glad to know what caused it.

Im quite happy with the result. What do you guys think?

We got some great feedback in the fb groups for unreal devs and 10k and a few people over there asked for a breakdown so we created one on our devblog:

Thought I might as well share it here. Check it out if you are interested in seeing how this material works :slight_smile:

Added wind and player interaction to our foliage:


Our system uses vertex color to drive the world position offset of the material, very similar to what you can find in the content examples.

The reception of the breakdown for the landscape material we did yesterday really suprised us (in a possitive way). Please let us know if you are interested in more content like that.

We added a moss material layer to our rocks!
It has some nice parameters and should allow for really fast placement.


Its xyz-worldaligned so that we can use it for nice blends between meshes.
The parameters drive how much of the rock it covers, how strong the normalmap should influence the result and if there should be a color overlay on the edge of the intersection (for nice brown moss around the edges)
Vertex color is used to mask the whole effect by hand.

This is looking like some really nice work! I love the whole Alice in Wonderland/Pan’s Labyrinth vibe as well. I can’t wait to see how this pans out!

Thanks CupMcCakers, glad you like it!

Last week we shared a breakdown on our landscape material and got a lot of requests to do a proper video tutorial.
So we did!

Feel free to check out part one on our youtube channel:

Wow, great work so far. 1919 setting and the WW1 theme is an unexpected but interesting take on a story of a little girl and her traumatic memories. I like the friends option where you can befriend other NPC’s and use their abilities.

Thanks for the feedback nolean94, we are happy to hear that!

We are doing the first voice recording sessions atm.
We would like to use this chance to spotlight the characters and their german voice actors in our devblog!

[We are starting with Zoe who is voiced by the talented Maria Kepner:

https://i0.wp./](Meet Zoè and her German voice – Maria Kepner – Sane)

The second part in our landscape tutorial series is online! It covers procedural puddles!


Feel free to check it out and let us know what you think :slight_smile:

Frikin amazing work so far :smiley:

I like the character work and your substance textures. Pretty slick so far. Nice animations as well!

Thanks guys, glad to hear that you like it!

Part three of our landscape material tutorial is online:


This one covers tessellation and displacement.

Feels like im only posting tutorials recently and no real updates on the project :smiley:
I can assure you that the content of these tutorials actually goes into the game!
Were currently doing a final art pass on one of our environments so I will be able to share some ingame screenshots for that soon, I think it looks amazing and I hope you will think so too!

With that said here is another tutorial:

This one covers out moss material layer and how to create it yourself. Hope these are useful to some of you :slight_smile:

Happy new year everyone!
Lets celebrate with the first environment screenshot!


Still a work in progress ofc so critique is very welcome!