Sane – Third Person Adventure Game

“Sane” is a semi open world third person adventure game with the focus on puzzles and exploration.

The year is 1919 and you play as the young girl Ameliè who lost both of her parents in WW1.
At the start of the game Ameliè is brought to some distant relative’s mansion where she is supposed to start living from now on.
But soon after her arrival strange things start to happen and Ameliè will either have to face reality or choose to get lost in her own little wonderland.

Enter Ameliès mind, a girl who avoids reality by making up fantastical friends, imagining incredible environments and is constantly on the brink of breaking down.

“Sane” is a student project at the University of applied sciences Mainz, Germany and we expect to release the pilot episode in march, 2017.

  • Semi open world with lots of hidden environments and strange characters.
  • Strong story with impactful twists touching on the aftermath of WW1 with the attempt to show the traumatized mind of a war orphan.
  • Your choices matter, be it dialogue or gameplay decisions small details might change the outcome and gameplay options available drastically.
  • Make friends with your new family and the fantastical creatures of Ameliès mind, or don’t and gain new enemys.
  • Puzzles that adapt to your playstyle and require you to use your available tools in a clever way



“Sane” is set in the year 1919 shortly after the end of WW1. The biggest part of the game is located in and around a small mansion in France.
Here the player gets to explore the whole estate as well as the bordering forests and caves, all warped by Ameliè’s mind into fantastical places.
An attic can become an overgrown ruin with floating islands or an underground cave might feature giant tears of water held in place by big roots.
In special key moments of the story the player enters Ameliè’s mind completely, reliving past experiences and overcoming her trauma step by step.

The Cast of “Sane” consists of two factions. There are human characters, the family who takes in Ameliè, as well as her imaginary friends.
The later consist of talking animals, hybrid creatures and furniture.
The first are believable humans with their own agendas and desires that react to the players behavior and might change their relationship to Ameliè completely over the course of the game.


(shoutout to artemavrin, we use his amazing dialogue plugin)

Ameliè’s options are limited. As a little girl she does not possess any special abilities herself but she can become friends with characters that extend her possibilities.
This ranges from being on good terms with the residents of the mansion and thus getting access to rooms previously locked to taking control of a beetle she became friends with in order to fly to otherwise unreachable locations.



“Sane” is developed at the University of applied sciences Mainz in a small team of eight.
The team constellation has already changed a lot during the development and will continue to change since the curriculum at our university is not designed to allow for such big, multiple semester spanning projects.
This means some people graduate while others join every semester. This is a bit of a pain to deal with but we managed until now and will continue to do so and we are thankful for the chance to work on a project of this scale.
All our members are simultaneously attending other courses at university and some have part time jobs so time management is hard but we have a plan and are confident in meeting our deadlines.

Our team consists only of Artists and Designers as there are no programmers at our university.
All of our gameplay elements have been build with the amazing blueprint system in UE4.

This is our first time working with Unreal Engine but we have worked with Cryengine before and one of our team members had the chance to work with Guerrilla Games’ inhouse engine.

  • Working pre-alpha prototype, all gameplay elements working and implemented
  • First pass level design (chapter 1 ) done and implemented
  • Story completed and first chapter implemented
  • Character concepts done and placeholders implemented
  • Placeholder dialogue that contains necessary information but is not “written in character”, finished and implemented
  • Storyboards for cutscenes are done

As you can see in the gifs and videos at the end of this post none of the Art is final and everything is in a very rough “greyboxing” stage with all animations, characters and environments being placeholders.
We are now in a state where all our gameplay is working as intended and we can start letting people do playtesting.
Meanwhile we are going to focus on the art in order to make the game look great.
It would be awesome if we could do another pass on the gameplay afterwards to adjust pacing and puzzles according to feedback but the small timeframe and big scope of the project might not allow for this to happen (at least not during our time at university).

-Art Pass on Environments
-Art Pass on Characters
-Finalizing Dialogue
-Voice Recordings + Motion Capturing
-Animation + Locomotion
-finding a better solution to streaming our levels (massive hiccups when a level is streamed atm)
-Animatics + Ingame Cutscenes
-Music + Sound

Stay in Touch
Official Website

We hope you enjoyed this first look at our game, check back here for future updates on our progress (I will try to post biweekly updates) or on the Polycount thread to see the latest art wips.
Thank you for your time,

The team behind “Sane”.

Some Concept Art and early Renders:

Sane_Artwork_03_01.jpg 3ef4a49e1c5c43ce9b91bba63c61d0e61b6e7a71.jpeg 05788e550f4f07dbdd5b68e3baca29beff573ca3.jpeg


Really nice artwork! I’m looking forward to seeing more in-game shots.

Thank you! We are going to post a lot more in-game stuff in the coming weeks so stay tuned :slight_smile:

We missed screenshot Saturday but today we would like to share some more gameplay with you guys:

Some platforming


and some more mouse gameplay


We spend the last two weeks fixing a ton of bugs to make our prototype more stable and fix logic problems in our branching storylines.
We also had a bunch of people playtest the game for the very first time and finally started working on the visuals so we decided to share some early wips of two of our characters today.

The first one is an wip sculpt of the mouse you can see in the gameplay gif

And the second is a wip of an NPC called Emma:

C&C are very welcome! :slight_smile:

This looks like a really interesting game about gameplay and story :smiley:
Keep up the good work.

Look nice!! I m intersting

The concept art looks interesting. I’m very interested in seeing the finished levels. Keep up the great work.

Looks cool. Looking forward to see more

Thanks for all the kind words.

Been a while since we had an update, lots of stuff going on:

We finally updated to 4.12, we were holding out in hope for an official update to the dialog plugin from artemavrin but decided to just update it ourselves.
Having no idea how to do anything code related I got a friend who isnt actually involved with the project but knows how to code to help us.
Besides from temporarily breaking all of our dialogues (we will have to reroute some nodes in every dialoguetree) this worked just fine.
Im not really sure how this works, with the plugin available on github can we share the adjustment we made to port it to 4.12?
Maybe someone can share some insight on this.

Weve also started working on the logic behind our animation system with Amelie now looking at points of interest and other npcs (and npcs looking at Amelie), pickup animations and a vault animation for jumping over obstacles (all animations are placeholder that are going to be replaced with motion capture data in the coming months).

Looking at POIs:

Pickup Animation:

Vaulting over small obstacles:

A lot of our puzzles are now finished, Id like to share gifs of two of the more interesting to look at ones.

A light-puzzle reminicsent of the zelda games:

An another one where you have to use your companions to “defeat” an opponent that emerges from puddles on the ground:

(Not visible in this gif but he switches position and attacks you when you get too close

Weve also done some work on the art front.

The sculpt for the beetle, one of our companions is making great progress:

And Emma, a npc that already was in the last update is getting some clothes:

As always C&C is very welcome :slight_smile:

Amelie, our MC is getting a redesign.
She is supposed to look a little bit older and her hair and clothes are a bit more toned down and realistic.
Let us know what you think!

Work in Progress shot of her new dress:

Sneak peak at my progress with the redesign of our mc. I think it looks worlds betten than the old one already. (Old one is the one on top :stuck_out_tongue: )
Should be able to finish this today!
This is the first time we are showing the new design rendered in Unreal Engine!


Great game concept/story and I very much like the new character!

Thanks a lot, we are happy to hear that :slight_smile:

We recently finished work on our mc Amelie and today we would like to share some ingame screenshots! (Missed screenshot Saturday once again :P)

Since shes going to be close to the camera we spend some time on the shaders to make sure the detail holds up:

We have three more characters in the works that we hope to share with you soon, as always C&C is very welcome :slight_smile:

We have a lot of characters coming up in the next weeks, this time I would like to show you “Emma”, maid of the mansion part of the game takes place in:

All renders ingame rendered in Unreal Engine 4 ofc.

Next time we are going to share our first (kinda) non-human character so stay tuned for that!

We welcome any kind of feedback so if you notice anything that needs fixing or have something else to say we are happy to hear it :slight_smile:

Its screenshot saturday so its time for some ingame screens:
Meet “Reynard”, half human, half fox and quite the little prankster!

For this character we used Neoglyphics NeoFur Plugin for Unreal which was super easy to setup and we think it looks phenomenal.

Let us know what you think!

Little Development update without screenshots today.
We recently created a website, a twitter and an Instagram where you can find all the info and images we posted so far and which we are going to update constantly. Check them out if your interested :slight_smile:

Woah! I just came across this. I really enjoy your latest model, “Reynard.”

Very interesting concept, and I anticipate seeing more! Your art direction is fantastic.

Thanks a lot! We are glad to hear that you like it :slight_smile:

We are actually ready to show another character called “Zoe”:

ofc she doesnt always wear a cap so here is the same screen without:



Some more screens:



As always all screenshots were taken inside UE4.

We are currently doing a big writeup introducing all of the characters we have shown so far. We will probably release that sometime in the next two weeks.

Ive also been asked for tutorials on my pipeline in creating these characters a few times so if I find the time I will make one.
If you ( yes you!) are interested in that let me know. When a lot of people are interested I will get to it sooner :smiley: