Sandstorm materials

Can anyone tell me how to go about creating raging sandstorm with swirling waves material. What would be some of the nodes I would need to make the swirling effects for instance

Here’s an example.

For such a material you will surely need a panner, sine, lerp and rotate node -> the easiest way to create the swirling is to use a texture which you rotate. When you want to get a really realistic result, you could do it with a particle system :slight_smile:

Another way to get the right movement is to use a flow map.

I would be really interested to see what result you do generate in unreal to replicate sandstorms (even if its just a video and not the material/particle files themselves).

Look the particle demo. There are snow storm effect. That should be quite easy to change to sand one.

Thanks for the suggestion my friend!

Never thought of that! Thanks

I’ll keep you posted.

Will I need world position offset, tessellation and displacement for this also? Because it seems that sand storm will move around a lot. Should I use the water planes example for a base?

It depends on how exactly it should look like -> e.g when it should be 3d, you can do some things with tessellation
But as I mentioned, when you want a really realistic storm, you should use particles or meshes + materials