Sanctity Lost

Hello, all! I’m happy to say that I just aqcuired UE4 (High Praise!!!)
with that, I will like to intoduce you to my new project, Sanctity Lost

[Overview/Still WIP]
In the not so distant future, humans, led by the Earth governing Body have began to explore other planets. They discovered on, and named it EGBD-939. Upon scanning the planet, they discovered that it was rich in several minerals, unknown to man. They decided to explore and mine the planet…That was until most of their personell started to disappear.

See Sanctity lost 1 thread

Factions and characters:

Factions and characters:

EGB: Earth governing body main authority on earth and its colonies.
EDF Soldier: Grunt class of the EGB
Saint: Player character
Vladimir Zhukov
Code Names: Brook
Stephen Torrent

Berrano Corporation: Science and Exploration Company.
Berrano soldiers: Grunt Class
Sally Black
Kevin Durant

Blue Cell Corporation: Mining corporation
Blue Cell Soldiers: Grunt Class
Samantha Houser-Blue Cell Operative

Militia: Group of dissidents from all parties. Anti Corporation, anti EGB
Militia Merceneries: Grunt Class
Nikolai Drugov

Enturi: Alien race from another planet
Enturi Guardians: Grunt Class
Enturi Sentinel: Special Class

3d Modellers

  • Keltar
  • Keltar

Concept artists


  • Techlord

Music and sound
Conlan Mguff

<Non Current>


People Needed:

  • Mapper - Or at least as a consultant (Look at maps and give suggestions).
    -BluePrint scripter

Media(Will be updated)
Angelina Price
Militia Mercenary
Enturi Soldier
E.D.F Shade-Ops Agent
E.D.F Soldier
Sally Black Concept
Moon Praguer Concept
Enturi Male Head Concept
Samantha Houser Concept

Brian Davis
Jaden Durant
Male Earth Soldier
Sally Black
Angelina Price
Female Earth Soldier
Vladimir Zhukov
Enturi Warrior
Silas Troy
E.D.F Shade-Ops
E.D.F Soldier

Characters Wip

Rocket Launcher Projectile

New Hardware
Update 8/18
Update 4/18
Character Movement


*Additional information will be added

Samantha Houser: BlueCell Shade Ops


Bump…I could use a Ue4 tutor…

Hey Keltar, glad to see you made it and still focused on SL. Plenty of Tutorials here. Download and install the UE4 Launcher goto LEARN and install the Content Example Project. You can find most answers to frequently asked questions here. If its not answered on the Hub, then search Forums, or Post. Blueprints is a more powerful version of Kismet, so you should be able to transfer your Kismet experience seamlessly.

now this is something I haven’t seen in a very long time, nice to see you still working on it:)

Thanks, Techlord and !!! I look forward to fiddling with this engine!

The characters have evolved beyond belief!!!

This is a concept art for the enemy type, by Armand cockran AKA Iron skin

[Shot][/Shot]](Enturi Concept image - Sanctity Lost 2 - Mod DB)

Wow, now that’s Evolution! The concept looks good enough to move into production. UE4 makes everything look pretty and I cannot wait to see how you guys bring SL to life in UE4. Looks like you have a Team now too. You may not need a Blueprint Scripter. Blueprints is easy-to-use and 10x more powerful. Its part of every Editing system to include the Animation System. There is a Plethora of Blueprints available in Content Samples, Tutorials, and Community Contributions. Just post what your specifically in need of and I’m certain you’ll get an answer.


Character concept (Moon Praguer)


Good so see you here using UE 4.

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Thank you , LC Sweeper!

Hey there Keltar!

Welcome to UE4 Community!

Glad to have you here!!


Thanks you very much, Rama. I cannot wait to learn this Engine! I am presently hard at work with asset creation, so I should have something to show pretty soon

Character concept (Sally Black)


Just a quick screenie of characters i rush imported to the engine…Still wip

Seein as this game is the sequel to the first sanctity lost, I will be caklling it SL2 for now (but it will change to something along the lines of Sanctity Lost: awakening). I didnt want to do this, but seeing as I know nothing about UE4 at the moment, It will take a while before I start posting interesting update. In the mean time I will also post the original sanctity Lost’s updates here (its UDK I know), but it is the same story to bear with me.
I will tag the media (so you will know what game I am talking about) as such:

Sanctity Lost (UDK): SL1
Sanctity Lost (ue4): SL2

Thanks for your time

Here is a vid for the enemy class, the enturi.

I’m following your project too here!
UDK forums are being on a deep silence, with exception of one or two developers.

I think SL will be great on U4 (good ideas about scene direction in your Machinima)!

Tell me, it is being hard to switch to U4? I peeped some U4 videos and they accomplished the things in minutes that took me weeks to do in UDK (yeah, “3rd person camera with perfect collision”, I’m looking at you). May you share your thoughts about U4 switching?

Thanks, AMy!!! I will be delighted to help you out with the switch to UE4. Its not that difficult to learn.

Hey, Guys…Sorry for the Hiatus. Been working on several things at once. I have been trying to expand the team.we now have a writer, a music engineer, and a programmer (thank god!).

Character concept (Codenamed Viper)