Sanctity Lost

Character concept (Codenamed Viper)


Character Model (Sally Black)


Character Model (CodeNamed Viper)


Working with animations!


More Piccies!


Moon Praguer: BlueCell Shade Ops


Hey guys! I finally got my Unreal Engine problems fixed! so I’m back working on this project. I made a new and better skeleton, I am redesigning all the characters (They will look much better), and I have been learning a lot about the PBR texturing.
I made this character for the UDK project, but repurposed him for the UE4 engine, as a test for the Skeleton and animations.


Hello, all. sorry for being away for o long…working-working. I have been redesigning the characters…This is what I have for concept for the E.G.B soldier character

E.D.F Soldier character model:

Modelling Application:…00/InApp02.jpg

UE4 Viewport:…wport#imagebox

And a video of me testin out the engine :slight_smile:

We got FPS arms!

Modelling Application



Good to see you back Keltar! Lead Blueprints Systems Programmer at nowadays. When convenient, please stop by the chatserver and lets catch up on old times.

Techlord! So good to hear from you again! Ill look up the chat server for sure!!!

This rainbow makes me nervous. Why you posted it? Eh… I remember times was rainbows were considered to be just a beautiful thing. Not you know what. They just destoyed a beautiful thing!

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I was going to say something but I wasnt sure what he meant.

I have been working on some blueprints…here is a video of my latest update showing FPS character movement, Sprint, crouch, damage splatter, and weapon attachment.

Another video showing Muzzle Flash Effects, Shield Effect and Hud Comlink.

Projectile for Rocket Launcher

Hey guys. I have a new update…I’ve been working a with blueprints, and the more I understnd it, the more blown away I am. It’s so much fun. Well, here it is:

I did some more concept art. This is an ally Character: