Samsung VR heads up display issue

I have a level that I am trying to port to the Samsung VR. Actors and textures that I want to spawn spawn correctly, but I have a simple HUD with a crosshair and text elements on it that does not display correctly. Specifically, the HUD only displays on the right eye, and it appears only a quarter of the way up the screen, as opposed to the direct middle. Any ideas?

It seems that I have the same problem. And I think the pb is not only on the HUD but on the entire rendering through VR Gear.

I’m trying to find a solution but maybe it’s a tweak to do with camera FOV and ratio?

Looking around at the forums this appears to be a bug after UE4.10 - I had hud images working fine until I upgraded to 4.13 - seems like lots of people are having trouble with this.