Samsung Odyssey VR support ?

Is it too early to expect UE4 getting support for Samsung Odyssey VR HMD ?

Woah dude, I think it may be too early to expect support for a headset that hasn’t been announced :stuck_out_tongue: Saying that as Daydream VR was supported from the get go I’m assuming if/when Odyssey is a thing it’ll probably have support (who knows it may even be a Daydream headset)

Hi! Anyone up to date on Epic’s current support for Odyssey and other the other “mixed reality” headsets?
Seeing that Microsoft joined in on supporting OpenXR (…vrar-standard/) I would hope the guys at Epic will be more supportive of the HMDs now.

It’s problematic. MS is having it’s only branch of UE4 that supports UWP and their Mixed Reality devices, but it’s very unstable and often buggy. Right now they’re working on porting several VR titles to WindowsMR platform, and only care about them. If the build works for you, good. If it doesn’t, nobody cares.

GitHub link:

The headset works fine through steam vr dev, which will be public by the end of the month. The only issue is that there are no mappings for the thumbsticks, just the trackpads. Any idea how to fix this?