Samsung HMD Odyssey support in 4.21?

Good morning everybody,
I was wondering if anybody has tried their Samsung Odyssey on the latest 4.21 version?
Was it a plug and play like the Oculus or Vive?, or do I need to run Steam while using in the Unreal Editor?
And does it run with the 6 degrees (you can walk in the room, not just moving your head).

It seem yes, UE4 4.21 includes Windows Mixed Reality standard HMD support (which Samsung Odyseey is) directly without need of SteamVR, but i don’t how it good will be as i don’t have any of those headsets to test

You can grab it now on github, also binary 4.21 preview should have it so you can check it now. This plugin could potentially build plugin with older version of UE4.

SteamVR HMD plugin should also work with those and support all the features that SteamVR supports out of those headsets.

Thanks for the quick respond,
I wanted to make sure that it works before I buy the Samsung Odyssey for my “on the road work presentation” in the architecture world,
has an alternative of the vive and oculus, because it does not need any outside sensor box to track the user.

Well just by pluging in samsung odyssey and running UE4 i don’t see much of support for windows mixed reality headsets.

I got my samsung odyssey 1month ago. I have tryed to make it work on 4.20 and now on 4.21. it seams that it is not out of box solution on what i was hoping on.
I am new in UE4 so most likely there is some plugin that i needed to download to make it work! (If so please let me know ), but for now it is not working correctly for me.
VR editor is not working and VR preview have some problems with tracking+ you bet only htc vive controlers.

Does anyone have goid experience with samsung odyssey in UE4 and if yes, could that presone share a basic setup guide for beginner like me, please?

Anyway i got device for archviz and for now it works fine in enscape and almost okay in twinmotion. Device by itself is awesome. A lot better than anything else in market. You can take it with you and laptop o clients office not like vive.
I just Hope to make it work in UE4 soon.

Thats my beginners experience so far.
Hope it is useful

Nice, thanks man.

yes, it works fine! In editor and in standaline game. Only thing you need to do is turn on MixedReality built in plugin.
Device detects as “WindowsMixedRealityHMD”

Hello, i did as you say, but after Unreal restart when i launch default VR project it says “LogPlayLevel: Error: ERROR: Visual Studio 2015 must be installed in order to build this target”. Before when i tried to launch on old VR project it said “Error: ERROR: Stage Failed. Missing receipt ‘C:\Users\Documents\Unreal Projects\SamsungVR\Binaries\Win64\’”

I need to install Visual studio 2015 or i can do it another way? (I use last Windows 10 and UE 4.21)

I would be very grateful if someone could help me.

It seems that you miss some Win SDK dev components.
Try to reinstall VS - 2017. Community version works fine for me