Samsung Galaxy Note5 lighting is way too bright

I can’t seem to find any answers or topics relating to this, but I’ve tried deploying an android build to 2 different Samsung Note 5 phones, and both of them have overly bright lighting to the point it’s blown out. I’ve also deployed the same build to a Note 4 and S6, and they are perfectly fine.

Is this a bug with the Note5 or has anyone actually gotten a successful build without any lighting issues?


Could you please upload screenshots showing the difference in lighting between your projects? Please also make sure that you don’t have the auto-brightness on/off or at settings; just check to see if they all match on each phone to see if that’s part of the issue.

Looking forward to hearing back from you, thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi ,

Thank you for your response. I actually created a thread in the forums awhile back but I figured I try again here. Here is the thread for your reference as well as some images.

I checked the brightness settings too and they all seem to be good and consistent. Did a test on both Unreal Engin 4.10 and 4.11 previews.

Thank you for providing me all of this information. This issue is currently being tested on a few different devices. I will reach back out once I have more.


Great, thanks!

I have tested against a Note 4 and a S6 Edge +. I was able to get nearly the same results when I created the project with the target hardware of Mobile/Tablet and Scalable 3D or 2D. If you toggle between the Mobile HDR setting in Rendering, you’ll see that the quality will become a bit better when using the Mobile HDR.


Thanks for testing it! I too was able to get good results with Note 4 and S6. Any luck with a Note5? I tried using MobileHDR on and off before too but it didn’t make a difference on the Note5.

You’re welcome! The S6 Edge + was my substitute for the Note 5. It’s the closest device that we have to the Note 5. I was able to see the difference between changing the target hardware from mobile high quality to mobile 2D/3D scalability. The Mobile HDR also caused a huge difference between them.

Did you try this on your Note 5? :slight_smile:

I just tested by changing to Mobile 2D/3d Scalability as the target hardware, and enabling Mobile HDR. Still no luck though. I’m wondering if it’s something that’s just more related to the Note5 phone than Unreal Engine 4. It’s a bit bizarre that it seems to work fine on the older Note4 too.

Please provide me with the exact model of your Note 5. Thanks!

Sure thing. Pulling info from the About Phone section: SM-N920V. Let me know if you need additional info. Thanks!

I verified that the S6 Edge+ that I tested with has the exact same guts as the device that you’re having trouble with. I’m wondering whether or not it’s the brightness of the Samsung device or not. The Note5 and above are going to look a lot nicer than comparing with the Note 4 and that may be something that you see differently. Would you be able to provide me with updated screenshots?

Yeah, that’s what’s weird. The specs seem the same yet the results are different on the Note5, unless there’s just some default setting that’s on and causing the issue.

On the testing side, I deployed to a third Galaxy Note5 and the issue is still occurring, so it has to be the Note5 phones. We also just got a Galaxy s7 Edge to test, and that device works fine as expected.

Attached are 2 set of screenshots: Note5 and s7. Don’t mind the light building message, I didn’t have time to rebuild lights :). As you can see, the note5 looks blown out compared to s7.

A lot of these issues were fixed in 4.11.0. Could you please update to the release of 4.11.0 and test whether or not you see a difference in the lighting?


I updated to 4.11, and did another ETC2 build using the same targeted platform settings as before, and the issue is still occurring. I can only guess that it’s something with the phone, so I can try posting in the android forums to see if I can get anything.

Would you mind sending me a sample project you’re receiving the same results in? I’d like to see how your lighting is set up within your project.


Sure, I’ll just have to modify it a bit and should be able to send it to you early next week. Just wanted to add that I’ve tried a new project before and set up some basic lights, and I was still having trouble. I’ll definitely get something together for you though.

Thank you, I want to test this as thoroughly as possible though and see if there is a bug on our end or not.

Have a great weekend! :slight_smile:

Hi , I’m doing more tests as we speak. I just wanted to check in if there’s a way I can send you the project privately via PM or something. Thanks!

Yes, you can through the Forums. My name is the same there.