Sample Texture Module in Niagara

I’m trying to read textures in Niagara. I’ve tried a few other dead ends, but right now I’m just trying to use the “Sample Texture” module to read a texture’s color into Output.Module.SampledColor. It seems to be fairly straightforward, so I’m not sure what I’m missing.

Below is a really simple example: I’ve just got a particle system that’s attempting to read a texture and assign the color at UV coordinates (0,0) to every particle. The goal here is just to get the particles to adopt the texture’s red color.

Just a quick note: Because the Sample Texture module currently only supports GPU simulations, I’ve got GPUCompute Sim selected under Sim Target in the Emitter Properties.

If you’ve had any successful experiences with the Sample Texture module,or know of any other method to read in a texture at a given UV, I’d appreciate any help.