Sample RenderTarget in a RuntimeVirtualTextureOutput supported?

Like the Topic headline, is this supported? So far my tests show that this isn’t supported. Seems like the RVT update once on begin play, so perhaps this isn’t a supported intended combination. I was really hoping for it though, was planning of making a grid based snow-trails system that renders from a grid of “big render target stamps” to the landscape. Any other ideas?

**EDIT: I read the documentation, indeed it’s not intended to work this way. So I will scrap this. **

Another idea is to do it only using rendertargets, but instead of stamping it to a RVT of the whole landscape, it would “bake down” into a seperate rendertarget that follows the player, that single RT would in turn be sampled normally by the Landscape. That’s beyond me how to realise though.

Pictures are probably superflous, but anyway:
First square is a RVT stamp, doesn’t update, second one is just a mesh, does update.