Sample Games - usage of C++ ?


just wanted to ask wether it is possible to submit Sample Games that use C++.

As stated here:

C++ Plugins are currently not supported. I just wanted to ask about a sample game similiar to the Vehicle or Shooter example.

As stated here:

Sample games are open for submission. Or is it just blueprint only sample games?

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can anyone clarify this?

I believe it’s only open to Blueprint submissions as of the moment. Though, if I recall, C++ will be supported.

Do you have an official source for that?

They said it in the twitch stream I believe so you’ll have to find & watch it. But yes, at the moment they’re not supporting C++ stuff on Marketplace, likely because it’s a bit “clunky” and takes more know-how to use. It’ll happen eventually though.

Just had a look. Again, they are talking about code plugins. Nothing specific about game samples including C++ :wink:

An official statement would be nice! Thanks!

Hey there, currently only blueprint projects are being accepted as submissions to Marketplace. Code will come at a later date - we will keep y’all posted!


Okay, thanks for the info?

Any ETA on this? :wink:

Nothing to share at this specific moment, but I’ll make sure everyone knows when we do :wink:

perfect :smiley:

I posted in another thread about this already. In short, we absolutely want C++ plugins on the marketplace and we are talking about the steps to get there every day. As for C++ sample games, they are in the same boat. As soon as we can support them we’ll let you know!