Same project having different renders on different Pcs

using UE4.18.3, i am working on a project that renders like that

I needed to switch Pc, when i open this same project on the new pc it renders out like that


The project is saved on an External HD so no transfers are required.
I did Update my Graphic card driver.

I did a test on a 3rd pc and there is no problem with the project it looks like it is suppose to.

looks like there is something in the Project setttings that i need to change but i have no idea what.

Unfortunately i have to use the Pcs that’s been giving me this problem so if someone could help that would save me alot of time.

Thanks a bunch

And what gpu/hardware is on this issued pc and on other? This is most important question.

both have the same hardware GPU : 980gtx CPU : 2.6ghz

also did a test on a 3rd Pc that also has same Gpu/hardware and it works fine