Same Material Looks different in the same scene

I’m trying to create a simple room for a game, and i have created this door from asset I made blender which are the surrounding wall and the the door at the center, they are both separate and then i put them together in the engine as an Actor to be able to control it. The problem I have is that even though the door is the exact same material as the bottom half of the wall it appears as this sort of really dark void and you can only see the color from extreme angles. (Even then it appears as though the colour is being viewed as unlit). I have no idea what the problem is but i think it is something to do with the lighting as unlit mode the material looks fine. Thanks for any help in advance.

Hi @Athmitsic1 , welcome to the Forum.

Is there any Fresnel node in the material, that couAld cause view angle dependent color changes? Hmm, was just an idea, but you say, it is the same material as in lower wall parts…

The material is just a colour and roughness value nothing else and yeah the same material is applied to the bottom of the walls which is why i find it so confusing. Thank you for the idea though.

Does it also happen if you keep the door separate as a simple Static Mesh actor. Putting it into an empty default level? Just some ideas to reduce complexity.

No Matter what i seem to do it remains the same, new level, on it’s own, different materials even, the only way i can seem to get it to change is by making the material emissive

You cannot use values like 0 or 1. It doesn’t exist a material white 100%, or Black 100% ( :thinking: Well black holes)

Black for example is:
Color: 0.004
Roughness: 0.3

Please ensure that the normals on your door mesh are facing the correct direction. Inverted normals do al,l kinds of odd things in UE, even if you enable two-sided materials

I believe the normals are correct i checked them in blender but im not sure how to check in unreal

I don’t believe i am using any whole values in my materials, and the problem is that even when i switch the materials to other ones which i know work the same problem is still occurring, leading me to believe it’s something to do with the model, but its just a simple cube with some bevels.

I ended up fixing the problem but just making a new model of the door and using that instead, still have no idea what caused the problem but at least it works now. Thank for all suggestions and help I received.