Same computer multiplayer.

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On my Vive i tired a free game called Waltz of the Wizard, where i on my main screen, as usual, see what goes on from the view of the VR set.
However i can press F1, giving me control of another character (a little skull inside the game), which i now look through and control on my screen and keyboard, but not changing the view or controls inside the VR set, effectively making us playing a little multiplayer game on the same computer.

How, if possible, would i go about this, to create this setup in UE4?

As far as I can tell, there isn’t a way to display two independent camera views / players (one in VR, one on the computer screen) currently in stock UE4, but you can in Unity.

You potentially could run two instances of a game where one is in VR mode, the other uses the screen, and they are networked together, but that’s kind of a crazy solution to the problem.

I hope we get a native way to do this soon, because asymmetric VR games are awesome and it’d be great to be able to build them in UE4!

Check the thread here, like the post above says, for now it requires some networking and workarounds since it’s not supported by the engine, at least for now.

All the Lego games, Lego Star Wars I and II, Indiana Jones, Lego Batman. They’re really fun, though they seem like they’re just for kids.

I’m looking to do this as well. Does anyone have any more information? Has Unreal mentioned anything about this?

Would be cool for flight sim games where the vr player flies the plane and the other does the air traffic control