Same camera parameters but different views in UE and Unity

I am trying to use Unreal Engine to render some indoor pictures.

I have tried Unity before, and i would like to use the same camera parameters from the Unity in UE,

but I cannot get the same view because of the FOV.

I set camera and the model both at (0,0,0), camera FOV 60 degree

output picture size, width:1024, height: 768

and the result look like this

left: Unity, right:UE
(please ignore the difference of lighting and textures)

if I want them to look similar,

than I have to change the FOV of UE camera to about 77 degree, than they will look like this

(they will be more alike, but still not the same)

I use “screenShot.ReadPixels()” in Unity C# script to get the screenshot,

and use “HighResShot 1024x768” in console when I am “piloting Camera Actor” to get the screenshot in UE.

I have looked up many tutorials and webpages but still cannot find any solutions or any explanations,

if anyone have dealt with this kind of problems, I would be so happy if you give me a hint.
thank you!!