S-Works Peek Proyect

Hi Guys this is the intro for the my First level game development. Coming soon in game

Peek (Pitcher Cubes).


Screen from Game Camera


chromatic aboration does not make your image/scene better or realistic… it just looks weird.

for me this looks very interesting.
I really like the grafical style !
keep it on, i will look after it :wink:

Are the holes in the cubes actual holes? Or is that simulated using materials?

Thanks. I will try keep this look. Now I have to learn the masters of Blueprints. Any person? :smiley:

Thanks for you Feedback

The hole is modeling but the material is substance designer.

Seems like your using music you are not allowed to use in the video. In germany the video is not available because of this violation :confused:

I have never had problems. My videos are of student.

Sorry. Test Vimeo.


Everyone love GEMA!

Anyway, lighting is amazing.

Thanks very much. Upload the videos to dropbox. Anyone who wants to download.

link the video for anybody with problem to music Copyright.

223mb Sorry. It is a Little heavy


Unreal Engine 4 Peek First Steps In Game with animation standart Recommend Chrome To 1080p 60 FPS

Hi guys this is first steps in game with standart animations the Peek (Pitcher Cubes)
Now development blueprints to launch cubes and shoot with weapons. But I have a problem. I don’t have a employment and I have to reconcile seek employment and development/study with unreal engine. Don’t have much time. I´m sorry.

Currently he is programming the recoil of the rifle. Any help or tutorial ?.

Peek (Picher Cubes) Gun Fire and physical Test.

Last video. I end here. The next Proyect a archviz in realtime . I’m looking for work in spain and is very dificult.