RVT Instance Parameters not updating.

I’m using RVT in my landscape material.
I’ve got a few parameters setup to change colors in the material instance applied to the landscape, but the parameters aren’t updating when I change them.

I’m in 4.26
I have the Material Instance applied to the landscape.
The landscape has the RVT applied to it with Draw in Main Pass set to Always
I have an RVT volume in scene with the RVT applied to it, I’ve re-Set Bounds after updating the color parameters.

Do other real-time changes take place during gameplay? Like what? Not sure. Maybe meshes moving around and being rendered in it.

Could also be you need to enable the material instance dynamic option on the landscape for it to work.
there was something to do with that option not working right, but overall I stopped using rtv because they don’t support foliage rendering into it, so try those things, see if it helps. If not, maybe someone else can give you ideas.