Runtime Virtual Textures and World Composition

How can I use Runtime Virtual Textures together with World Composition to get it to work for all of the streamed landscape pieces?

Figured out my RVT problems: each landscape had to have a reference to its own separate instance material – which references the RVT asset, also separate RVT volume and RVT asset per streamed level.

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I am also working on Virtual Texturing.

Do you mean that for it to work I need:

1. A separate landscape Material per level and Layerinfos for each

Referencing to:

**2. **A specific Runtime Virtual Texture


3. A Dedicated per level Runtime virtual Texture volume

A separate Landscape Material per level is a bit tedious…

Also curious to know more! Memory and performance ?

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Ok got it to work, and apparently I don’t need to add new Layer Infos for Landscape layers… not sur how it behave with different landscape materials… say it’s not the same list…

I had landscapes on different levels in world composition, using the same Realtime Virtual Texture, but needing its own volume. Seems to work well, seamlessly scattering paint and foliage/grass across the seam. Using multiple RTVT’s would be way better for resolution, but may require more gpu. I would like to test this and check for seams etc. @vbs it looks like you had success doing this, have you come across any issues? Anyone test this on a dedicated server with clients yet?

@rasamaya1 I have 1KM² tiles I should use different RTVTs no ?

I think you can get away with 1km easy. I was doing some testing, you need to adjust your settings in the RTVTexture, I made a grid and slowly tweaked, while doing profiling on a much much larger landscape. but… I have a good gpu. My texture size is 4194304 with virtual texture size of 4096 and tile of 1024 w padding of 1. This is huge, but works well with “my testing” so far, resolution wise on a 4km by 8km landscape. With this size, I have a checker map with a clear 10 squares across 10cm. So good enough, but thats a huge Texture size. With a smaller map, say your 1kmby1km you can reduce everything or push limits and have way more resolution than me.