Runtime Virtual Texture blending issue

Hi there, I’m having an issue with a project where I’m trying to blend between the ground piece and the base of my tree. However as you can see in the screenshots below, I get this dark line and some dark areas(artifacts I suppose). I’m fairly new to the whole RVT and wanted to give it a go because most of my scenes can benefit from a smooth blend between meshes.

Does anyone have any idea how I can solve this or what is going on. I tried everything from disabling lights, post processing, and other effects I have enabled. I have cast shadows off for the moment and some areas seem to blend okay but others not so well. The ground piece is a model and not a terrain since I’m building a diorama so I wanted to utilize this blend technique for it. Please any help would be much appreciated. I increased the intensity of the effect to better see this but I had it toned down to a good value before.

Update: I was able to figure out the issue but it was really random. The first thing I noticed was I had VT textures instead of regular ones which I believe was the main cause of the issue. What was even more strange is when I restarted unreal engine it somehow loaded with the blending corrected. I even had an issue just recently where I had to restart the engine to refresh the RVT. So if anyone runs into this issue or has those darker areas, just make sure no textures are Virtual and restart unreal.

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