Runtime Foliage Density

Hi all,

Quick Q… I’m painting away Foliage in my project. I’m targeting various Platforms (PS4 Base, Neo and PC). Is there a runtime Foliage Density flag i can access? i.e. If PS4 Base = 50%, Neo = 75%, PC = 100%?


I doubt there is.
but, you can duplicate the map, remove items by reapplying brushes with different quantities/radiuses and use the obtained map to package for a different platform.
I had to do this for mobile, though it was more about the landscape material then it was for the foliage, removing a bunch of foliage made it run smoother. (Less tris on screen)

Foliage Mode in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation.

Funny, basically you would still have to re-paint the whole landscape. Personally I rather have different maps so that my trees/plants don’t just randomly change based on user settings… it’s just too easy of a cheat for just about any open world game to disable grass rendering.