Runtime Changes to Skeletal Mesh Collision settings in C++ not working

I have a c++ function that fires after my flying Actor achieves a ‘destruction’ condition.
It turns on ‘Simulate Physics’ and changes the Trace Responses + Object Type of the actor’s skeletal mesh so that it plummets to the ground like a dead weight.

When I test this c++ function in a blueprint, the collision settings don’t take effect.

UFUNCTION(BlueprintCallable, Category = "Enemy")
void Destruction();

void AEnemy::Destruction()
    EnemySkelMesh->BodyInstance.SetResponseToChannel(ECC_WorldStatic, ECR_Block);

    AController* EnemyController = this->GetController();
    if (EnemyController)

I’ve managed to implement a workaround where I set the actor’s Skeletal Mesh to Block All WorldStatic in its constructor but this bug was driving me insane at first as I initially thought there was something wrong with my code.


Are you referring to lines eight and nine in your code snippet? When I added the sames lines and called them on a keystroke, the settings were updated for my skeletal mesh. Can you confirm if you get the same behavior (properties not getting set) if you call the code from somewhere other than your Destruction() function?

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