Running the VR sample project with a Valve Index


So I’ve been using Unreal Engine for awhile now (approx. 5 years), and I just recently got my Valve Index working on a new computer. I wanted to try my hands at VR development so I started up the Virtual Reality sample project from the UE4 menu.

However, whenever I try to run the game, in the headset, it gets stuck on the splash screen that says “UE4 Game next up”. The game does open just fine in the desktop, however. To my understanding, there seems to be an issue of the game not communicating with the Index somehow. I know my Valve Index works with things like SteamVR home and VRChat perfectly. I have not made any changes to the sample project since starting it up.

I was wondering if I could get some help figuring this out. I just want to verify that I can get the sample project to work before getting started on a proper VR game.

I’m having the same issue. SteamVR with original HTC Vive. Unreal 4.26.

I am having the same issue. Unreal 4.26, Steam 1.15.19, sample project using the original HTC Vive. Any thoughts?