Running the Blueprints Learning scene in VR

I hust tried to run the Blueprints Learning scene in VR (Vive in this case).
And I noticed that I get some major stuttering and FPS drops… the thing is that Im able to run a different scene with 7.7M vertices but way fewer shaders just fine (should mention that I have baked the light for both these scenes).
How come that the Blueprint demo performance so badly while the other scene with a huge model is actually performing quite well?
Is really all the shaders in the blueprints learning demo reallt that expensive?
I will try to debug this later tomorrow at work, since I dont have any Vive available at my current location.

Any ideas why the Blueprints Learning Demo is performing so bad in VR?
(I guess this is more of a general question than just regarding the Blueprints Learning Demo… Basically I want to know why its stuttering so I dont end up getting the same stuttering in one of my scenes some day :))