Running SwarmAgent.exe at startup without a user logon

Hi all

Does anyone have any success in setting up the SwarmAgent.exe so it automatically runs when a computer boots and without requiring a user to log on?

I have access to around 300 HP Z series Workstations and would like to leverage their power to distribute UE4 builds. SwarmAgent works perfectly when logged in as a user but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get this to work without logon.

I have tried setting it up as a service using these methods:

  1. Creating a service with the cmd line syntax - sc create servicename bin= “pathtotheexe
  2. Creating a service using SRVANY.exe and regedit to set the path
  3. Scheduling a task to run at startup

Method 1 presents me an Error 1053 message
Method 2 appears to successfully runs the service but doesn’t seem to start SwarmAgent.exe
Method 3 results in the task appearing to run but with an error that suggests the process is already running

Considering how useful this might be, I’m surprised with my trawling Google I haven’t come across someone who has this running.

I hope you can help.

Good sir, did you find a solution to this? I’ve also delved down the same path, just trying to integrate it into our farm.