Running build lighting Commandlet crashes Unreal

Hi All im building and automated build script for my team so every night it will make a new build, when the script gets to this line
call %EditorPath% %ProjectPath% Map_Greybox_2 -AutomatedMapBuild CLDesc="Rebuilding Map_Greybox_2 map" UseSCC=False

It starts the build lighting then the after a few seconds the Editor crashes and I have no idea what is causing it.

We are using Perforce as source control.

Any suggestions or a different way to build lighting automatically would be appreciated.

Anyone have any ideas?

"In order to build lighting by command line use the following structure to set it up as a basis:

UE4-Editor.exe [Project Folder Path] -run=resavepackages -buildlighting -MapsOnly -ProjectOnly -AllowCommandletRendering -Map=[Name of map]
The -Map=[Map Name] can be dropped if you want it to build all the maps/levels available in the project."

This work for us. Make sure that you check out map files that you want to build. Read only map files are skipped.

Thanks that worked

Just noticed that reflection captures are not builded with this. Do you encounter same problem?

I will have to ask our level designer, as most of our levels are still in grey box i don’t think we have any in the levels, but i will get some in and test.