Running build lighting Commandlet crashes Unreal

Hi All im building and automated build script for my team so every night it will make a new build, when the script gets to this line
call %EditorPath% %ProjectPath% Map_Greybox_2 -AutomatedMapBuild CLDesc="Rebuilding Map_Greybox_2 map" UseSCC=False

It starts the build lighting then the after a few seconds the Editor crashes and I have no idea what is causing it.

We are using Perforce as source control.

Any suggestions or a different way to build lighting automatically would be appreciated.

Anyone have any ideas?

"In order to build lighting by command line use the following structure to set it up as a basis:

UE4-Editor.exe [Project Folder Path] -run=resavepackages -buildlighting -MapsOnly -ProjectOnly -AllowCommandletRendering -Map=[Name of map]
The -Map=[Map Name] can be dropped if you want it to build all the maps/levels available in the project."

This work for us. Make sure that you check out map files that you want to build. Read only map files are skipped.

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Thanks that worked

Just noticed that reflection captures are not builded with this. Do you encounter same problem?

I will have to ask our level designer, as most of our levels are still in grey box i don’t think we have any in the levels, but i will get some in and test.