RunnerGame Lighting

Hey guys <3,

I’m working on a small runner game that can run on my mobile phone, but lighting is a huge problem. I’m spawning 3 different parts, with all meshes and pickups already attached, they also spawn randomly in all of the 3 bigger parts, but they can’t use moveable lights, because it eats my phone :D. Is there a possibility to bake the light on a non-spawned actor and when you spawn it, it use some sort of pre-calculated light? I tried to change the meshes to moveable and use “Light as if Static”, but it seems this one only works for meshes that are already spawned. Another solution would be to spawn the 3 parts, bake the light, use Light as if Static, and then instead of spawning these, I just move them around, but I spawned many meshes randomly in every of these huge parts, so I’ll lose all randomness and will only have 3 different looking parts. Anyone here with more thoughts about it? <3

*Could split the bigger parts from the randomly generated pickups, but since the 3 parts have different length I probably even have to change them