Hi, i appreciate if you can test my game, you can download it from play store using this link:

Thank you for your feedback.

Hi Carf.
Your game is really quite interesting. It’s layout is beautiful, working smoothly and easy to use.
I have just downloaded your game and will give my feedback again.

Thank you for playing. It is not finished, i still working in the last levels i made(tunnels) and i want to add more levels.
Any feedback will be important.

i still didn’t play your game but from the video you uploaded it seems great and my only advice for you is to fix the the area that block you which will be very annoying for the player so you need to fix some collision if you still didn’t fix it like the min : 1:33 , and may be you can add some bonus pickup point in your level that let the hero have zero collision (ghost walk ) with the world and give him high speed for amount of time .

Thank you so much for your sugestions.

Now the game has new items: “Power Up” and “Special Coins” ; The Leaderboard and achievements (play store services) are now working; Localization was implemented yesterday (right now i have “english”, “spanish”, “french” and “portuguese”)

I found a bug in the “swipe controller”, when you swipe left sometimes it goes down. (fix will be published today)

Congrats carf! Neat looking game :slight_smile:

Hi, I tried your game and here are my thoughts.

I do experience some stuttering on a Moto X 2014. Also some of the jumps are confusing, but that might get better as you learn the game more. One thing that did stand out to me though is the post you slide under blend in too well.

If you don’t mind testing my game:!

Thank you. It’s my first project. I did it mostly to learn UE.

Hi, thank you for your feedback. I experienced the stuttering also in Moto G. I tried on a Galaxy S4 and runs perfectly. The game needs too much available RAM :slight_smile:

I wil try yours.

Runbot:Aliens Attack is now available on Play Store