Run script on teleport event in PortalTeleporter.uc

I want to run some logic once a player teleports using PortalTeleporter.uc. However I don’t see any functions in there for the teleport action.

Is this all hidden away in native code? Or any ideas on how to get around this?

it’s all hidden away in native code and the actual teleporting is handled by the TransformActor native function. however it seems whenever TransformActor is called the HitWall event is also being fired up, so you can probably detect the teleport from that event and run your logic there

Thanks for the response @Chosker , however it seems that HitWall isn’t being triggered on either my portal or pawn when i teleport through.

oh, right my bad. HitWall is fired up if teleport didn’t happen. doesn’t seem to fire up anything else either :confused:

Maybe UDKPawn is different, but what I’m seeing is that Pawn.processHitWall is what checks PortalTeleporter.TransformActor. Can you write your own processHitWall function that checks location, does super.processHitWall, and then if the location has changed, do your custom code?