Run c++ project without visual studio

I have vs2013 on my machine, and fully compiled c++ code.

My co-worker don’t have vs2013 on his machine, and he get’s an error when he tries to “play in editor” since his editor don’t know about my added code(Blueprint nodes).

Is there a solution to this, without installing vs2013 on my co-worker machine?

I’ve already copied my Source folder and "Binares folder to his machine, and sln files from project folder, no success.

In UDK I was able to copy compiled files from scrpits folder, with no need to copy all source codes, and compiling it, in ue4 there’s no such folder of any sort?

Solution and source files won’t matter, UE4 doesn’t really use them. You need to send him the dll files in your binaries folder and the uproject file.