RTX stability on quadro vs gtx2080ti

let me start off by saying I only use unreal for video rendering with sequencer, not for any kinda realtime game dev.

I seem to be getting a lot of crashes with the rtx2080ti playing with raytracing turned on
would it be possible that it would be more stable with a quadro rtx6000 or 8000?

does raytracing just take up a lot of memory? I’m getting texture load glitches on sequencer renders as well, so I’m not sure what the issues could be.

I remember in the demos from ILM x lab they’re using those really expensive cards
but in the RTX troll video I think they said they’re only using a 2080ti

My opinion, the ray tracing features are still experimental and we’re only on 4.22.1, I wouldn’t rush getting a new GPU hoping for sightly more stability.

​​​​​​Unfortunately it’ll be hard to find someone with a 2080ti and rtx Quadro to do comparisons with.

It should improve over time, but I wouldn’t expect that a Quadro would be more reliable for this and the speed for some things is probably slower.

the more expensive ones at least have more ram
and I was wondering if the raytracing eats a lot of the ram, which i can only guess if it’s gets too loaded it just crashes the system.

yeah I was hoping maybe someone at epic or nvidia could speak to this production issue

You can see GPU ram usage in task manger, see if you’re running out

I think there is some more VRAM usage, otherwise why they would not let GTX 1060 3GB to be able to run with RTX ON while the 6GB model can.