RTX RayTracing easy global settings tweaker

Don’t worry, probably it’s related to Backdrops having an sky inside, and my tool trying to search a sky directly in the scene, but not avoiding it to work. I can’t try with that version anymore as I updated to 4.23.1, but here you can see that it’s working fine for me (even using my old tool version 4.0):


And very strange that you cannot see the update… What’s happening with your UE?! The update exists, trust me!:…otfix-released

Maybe you can update your Epic Launcher from Settings section. If there is a new version of the Epic Launcher, it will tell it to you from there.

Yeah! It’s already included in my version 4.5! :wink: Let’s see when they approve it, but thanks for the suggestion.

my installer is set to auto updates tried everything cant see no hotfix?!

I don’t know… Maybe uninstalling Unreal and then adding the last version from the Epic Launcher? So it should show the 4.23.1. Or you could open a thread and maybe there are other users with the same Unreal problem or someone can give you a solution. I simply install it normally, sorry :frowning:

RTX RayTracing easy global settings tweaker v4.5 already approved by epic and available to download/update from the marketplace and Epic Launcher!

@ADemetriades , you can now download the new version of my tool (You should notice some improvements when using Backdrops). To resolve your initial issue, did you try what I mentioned about enabling and disabling Denoisers, to confirm that the global settings are working too, as they should? You could specially notice the denoisers’ differences on Sky and Ambient Occlusion ones. Or you could try in a more complex scene like the ones included in my package, as in that one shown by you will be difficult to see if the global settings work (GI, Sky, etc).

And when you will be able to update your UE to v4.23.1, you will get the black second bounced reflections solved too.

So, please, confirm me if they work, specially after updating to the new v4.5.


I downloaded the hotfix and the new version. However there still a lot of issues which I’m not sure if they are related to ur script or to Unreal’s awful implementation of RT. Certain things sometimes work and sometimes dont. In the screenshot below you can see that even though I turn on gi it doesnt turn on - before it did and I switched all features off/on through cmd line to test? Another issue sample per pixels in GI destroys the quality instead of increasing it and theres no way to go back unless you click restore all…its like there is no communication between the cmd line implementation of things and the ppv…which is my main issue with RT at the momenet - their is no real control of the features…

Hi @ADemetriades ,

Have you tried to do it manually too, without using my tool? You should obtain exactly the same result, but, simply, much more slower.

If you want, please, send me that scene and I will check it and make a comparison for you. (You can send me a Private Message with a Dropbox link, for example, or whatever you want).

PS: as comented before, my tool already has a PPV inside! If you put another PPV in your scene **and e****nable **an option, it will overwrite that same option on any PPV placed before. So, as you have enabled the option of GI in a new PPV it’s overwritting any other GI activation/deactivation. And in that enabled option, you have disabled its value, so Unreal it’s only taking the disabled GI. My advise is to have as many PPV as you want in the scene, but without touching the values of options which you are modifying from my tool. If you do it, how Unreal could know which to take, if they have different values for the same thing? So UE takes the last one.


Hi @ADemetriades ,

After a lot of trying and testing, it works perfectly. You will simply need some powerful lights and colors to notice the Global Illumination on Unreal Engine (or some special lighting situations). In addition you will need to use static meshes, as UE GI still doesn’t work on BSPs. And you can use a Backdrop too.

When you have doubts, to test RT settings, the scene already included with my tool it’s very good, as you can test and notice all the RT capabilities with that scene distribution, so you can place there a Backdrop, for example, and see that it’s working too:

Here examples and screenshots of evidences (and a new map that will be included in my tool’s next big update! Which is almost ready, in fact):

Scene with lights and Geometry placed, but no RT tweaks nor configurations made. Reflection captures built.

RT manually tweaked and configured. Around 10 minutes with only 5 lights! (The most lights you have, more time you will take to modify every one). To achieve this result, I put 3 samples per pixel on every light and every Post Process setting except of Reflections (as denoiser doesn’t work when samples are > 1), 2 global bounces on every PostProcess setting, a value of 20 on Spot Lights’ source angle and a value of 10 on Point Light’s source angle. Enabled RT on Sky and put it as movable as the rest of other lights, changed reflections, refractions and shadows to Area Shadows, tweaked the Ambient Occlusion default and weak value, and maybe any more little thing. Reflection captures enabled and built.

RT automatically tweaked and configured in less than 5 seconds using my tool. To achieve the same result, I put a value of 3 global samples per pixel on my tool’s panel except for Reflections, 2 global bounces, and a value of 20 on Spot Lights’ source angle. Rest of settings with default values.

Enabling RT Global Illumination with only one clic. Modified to 20 samples per pixel and 2 bounces. Using my tool.

Same settings than the previous one, but deleting the Skylight and using a Backdrop instead. Reflection captures rebuilt.

So all it’s working as it should! Best regards!

Updated to version 4.6 and already available!

Some minor changes to still improve a little its use and some code optimizations. For example: the checkbox of the Sky will detect the current status of the sky and if it’s static it will show you a message, as it won’t be able to receive any changes being static, so you would need to simply press any of the buttons of Set Sky or Set Absolutely All to make it movable and being able to apply any changes to it. If using a Backdrop (as it’s a blueprint with a Sky inside it), it will show the checkbox as undetermined, so you will need to do a clic to set its state as enabled or disabled.

Best regards!

New version 6.0 sent to Epic to be reviewed and to become available to download in the next hours or days!

Some beautiful and internal changes made to get more information when working with it and to optimize the internal behaviour of the tool. Somethings like:

  • Number of detected lights and elements when pressing a button and applying the settings.
  • Those elements will be remembered even if closing the project, so you will be still able to Restore them.
  • New Red-Green-Blue map included.
  • More internal improvements.

Overview of the tool’s panel

New scene. No Ray Tracing tweaks.

New scene. Ray Tracing tweaks automatically made pressing a couple of buttons.

v6.0 already approved and available to download!

I’m working to update it to work too with UE 4.24.

In UE 4.24, Global Illumination works in a different way: you can disable it or select between two different ways to calculate it, so it’s no more a enabled/disabled option, bus a selection list. It’s an easy task but I need to find some spare time to do it. It will be ready during this week. Apologizes for the inconvenient.

Thank you and best regards!

This looks very promising. I haven’t tried it but I am going to buy your product once its support for 4.24 is ready.

Just need to clarify: before I use the Tweaker, I still need to follow the instructions here to enable DX12 and Raytracing for the project, right? If so, I think the removal of the enabled/disabled button is a good move. I thought the button was for enabling DX12 and Raytracing so that we don’t have to do so manually.

Hi @fangchampaign ,

Version 7.0 of the tool, compatible with UE 4.24 is already ready and sent to Epic to be published, so it should be in the next few days!

Yes, you are right. Currently, RayTracing must be manually enabled in every project. They are working in making it possible to be done in the fly enabling and disabling a simple options, but it’s still not possible. When it cames, there will be a button on my tool too to call that function!

And yes, you are right again. The Enable/Disable button of my tool could be removed to automaticalle enable it. In fact, initially it hadn’t that button, however I realised that Editor Widget (a very new feature added to Unreal) were a little unstable and sometimes it got a crash when executing some nodes inside an Editor Widget “in the same tick” when it was enabled. So the button is to add that “human” extra control over the tool. In the future, when Editor Widgets become more robust, I will probably remove the button (even if it’s only an unique extra clic).

PS: the new way to calculate GI (you can switch between the classical mode and the new one) it’s incredible faster! (thanks to Epic for developing it).

Best regards and thank you for your questions!

Hi there!

Today Epic has already approved the new version of the tool, so it’s already available on the marketplace to be downloaded and compatible with UE 4.24. I have added some very interesting new options, which has been added to UE 4.24 Ray Tracing feature by Epic :slight_smile:

As this is a tool exclusively designed for Ray Tracing use, and RT on Unreal is still a beta version, it’s suffering some different changes in the Engine on every version they release, so I think it’s a good decision to discontinue previous versions of the tool, which were compatible with previous UE versions, when Epic releases a new one version with significant internal changes on Ray Tracing features, like this time, with UE 4.24. So, I mean that this time my tool (v7.0) have been updated only for the UE 4.24. UE 4.23 and 4.22 of my tool (v6.0) will not receive more updates, as the better RT settings are in UE 4.24 (or in the last UE4 released version), having no more sense to use previous Unreal ray tracing versions (but if some people still want to do it, they can still download and work with the last released version of my tool, v6.0, for UE 4.22 and 4.23, which was working perfectly too).

The decision of this is simple: UE 4.24 has introduced some new features on ray tracing that made necessary to make some special changes to my tool, so I would need to have and make two different versions of the tool, one for the previous v4.22 and 4.23 and a different one for the new 4.24, and sent them to Epic and be separately approved every time I would update it. In the future it will be the same: if with the same version and code I can do it work with the newer and the previous versions, I will maintain both versions updated, but if a new version introduces significant changes that makes me the need to develop two different branchs, the oldest will be discontinued (but still perfectly functional, as it has been until now). This may happen one more time, maybe, as Epic is still working on RT and it’s still on beta, but when it comes retail, it won’t probably introduce anymore those ‘significant’ changes I was talking about, making my tool compatible with all UE versions released from that Ray Tracing ‘retail’ moment.

So, from now:
Up to RTX RayTracing easy global settings tweaker v6.0: compatible with UE 4.22 and 4.23
From RTX RayTracing easy global settings tweaker v7.0: compatible with UE 4.24 and above


Hi all!

It has been updated to version 7.2, to add little functionalities and fix minor issues, like one regarding restoring post process settings when having Global Illumination enabled.


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Already fully compatible with UE 4.26!

](filedata/fetch?id=1873002&d=1616269598) Hello I just activated you script and now all my materials that use displacement will not show beyond the edges of the model . I had a bunch of displacements with alot of displacement and with an emission channel now when its selected it shows in the outline that it is doing something but no emission .Why would it do that . it happened the second i hit Set Absolutely all// it should look like the shield material - i amped up the emission and nothing- i also just migrated it to a non raytracing one and it looks like it should - the exact same scene

Hi @Arcane ,

Probably it’s not related with my tool, which simply handle the Ray Tracing parameters in an easy way. Probably it’s realted to some kind of incompatibility of your material with Ray Tracing technology. Have you tried your material when setting all Ray Tracing parameters manually, without using my tool? If you get the same error, it will be a Ray Tracing issue.

Thank you and best regards!