RTX mirror reflections not accurate despite setting all relevant settings to high

I am currently finishing up a small archviz project I am working on to familiar myself with unreal however the last issue i have been stuck on is configuring the raytracing reflections settings to accurately display a perfect mirror reflection.

This is the image I am currently getting. As you can see, the mirror reflection of these photo frames dont seem to match the same look as the source picture frames

These are all of the con vars i am used to render this image using the movie render queue:

And here is the mirror material i am using

I have also set the mesh of the mirror to use full precision UVs

So my question is:
Are there any other console commands I am missing / project settings or console commands i have set to the incorrect value here that could perhaps be the cause of this non-ideal reflection quality?

RTGI is not visible in reflections, unless you use the path tracer.

Hi, Ive tried path tracer and it does output a more accurate reflection however the image is way too grainy. Ive played around with the path tracing settings but i cant seem to get a clearer image (i used 150 subsamples to generate this image)