RTS unit control replication

So I have developed a pretty good unit control scheme for my RTS game. I have the playercontroller which takes input from the player and then moves the camera or sends triggers to units. Units have their own AI controller attached to them with behavior trees and everything was working fine. Until I decided it was time to get multiplayer working. Long story short I’ve got stuck. The AI controllers exist only on the server and I cannot send any commands to them from the player controllers. I cannot seem to find a way to solve this in a nice “non-hacky” way.

Does anyone have any ideas on this? I don’t need example code or blueprints, just some thoughts and class structure.

I mostly work in blueprints because I really enjoy it, but I can code in c++ as well if that is necessary (i studied it at university after all -.-).


maybe this thread can help (containing some other links): Multiplayer Topdown-Game - Navmesh won't be replicated to clients? - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums
I’m just implementing such a system, so in the same shoe…

Hey guys,

there are some solutions in the thread above that should fix the problem to 95%. I’m currently stuck with fixing the last 5% which are related to a stuttering AI-appearance. If you should encounter these problems too, feel free to join the discussion and maybe we can find a way together to fix our problems :slight_smile:

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