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Title - RTS Building Template

Price - $9.99

Version - 1.1

Short Description - RTS Building Template is a great place to start in building any kind of RTS game!

Long Description - RTS Building Template is designed to make getting started on your RTS games and project as easy and customizable as possible, with fully commented blueprints you can easily find, edit and add features. The pack contains many great systems to get you started like a unit select system that allows you to control multiple units at once and even place them in fully customizable formations. Also included are 5 building that all have different functionality that any RTS could use such as resource drop of points for your units, recruitment buildings, resource conversion buildings and resource generation buildings. You can also use your own meshes with out problems just replace them in the buildings blueprint and everything will work perfectly. All Functionality is done in blueprints and no enemy AI is included in this template.

Technical Details -
Blueprints - 20
Meshes - 7
Features - Control Units and formations, Construct Buildings, Harvest resources, Fully Customizable system
Engine Compatibility - 4.10, 4.11
LODs - No
Collision - Yes
Tested Platforms - Windows, Mac
Intended Platforms - Windows, Mac








Update 1.1 - (Live)

  • Improved Unit Controller
  • Added food and stone requirements to build bar HUD
  • Converted some events in to functions
  • Fixed 4.11 not loading
  • Lots of small optimizations
  • Fixed default values
  • Added resource spawning volumes
  • Additional Commenting

**** this is really nice, i want to make an RTS game someday and this might be perfect for me.

Is there any plans for AI later on?

Hey there,

Thanks for the support, we do plan to add AI (Hostile, friendly and neutral), but that is going to be a little while as we do have other projects on the go. There will be an update soon making it easier to add this project to your own in the next few weeks.

We will post all the updates and latest info here.

That sounds really good :). Im going to be looking forward to the updates.

loving this so far, would love the addition of a road building tool so players could place down roads while playing

Just wanted to ask if this product will still get the A.I update because I would love to support you guys. :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

We are making good progress with the AI update. Currently we have added a combat system (Both ranged and melee), a new unit type soldier, health bars, improving UI and we are working on the AI building system. We dont have an eta at the moment but we are making good progress so the first part of this update should be coming soon!

We are having a 4.13 issue.

here in the video you can see what we are having issues with.

Hey there,

Thanks for letting us know about this issue, Ill sent a fixed version to Epic now. I will post below how to fix the issue so you guys dont have to wait for Epic to patch it. The upgrade to 4.13 broke some connection on one of the nodes and i missed it while fixing it.

  1. Navigate to BP_MasterUnit

  2. Open the blueprint and double click the node highlighted in red on this image.


  1. Once inside that collapsed node select the input node Highlighted in this image


  1. Then in the Details panel delete the exec input (As this pin has bugged out in 4.13)

  2. Click the new button and change the new input to an exec input

  3. Once this is done connect the new in put to the is harvesting variable

  4. Now navigate to the main event graph in BP_MasterUnit and connect these two node together shown in the image.


This is really awesome It fixed it!! Thankyou!!!

Ok so im having a new issue. i have added my own terrain to the project but my terrain does not work with this system?

here is a video of what im doing. maybe you will know why this is happening.

please help me?


Hey there,

The way that the place building and give unit commands work is using traces from above and below the mouse to see it hits landscape, I think whats happening here is because your landscape is so much higher the 0,0,0 that the trace isn’t hitting any of your landscape if you move down your landscape so that the flat area that you where using is ruffly level with the included landscape this may fix it. Another cause could be because the trace is looking for a landscape actor and not a landscapeproxy actor. But if you try moving the landscape down this may work, I’m currently working on a large update for this pack so Ill make the mouse traces higher by default and look in to the landscapeproxy information.

Very sorry for the issues and thanks for being so patient with us.

no need to be sorry. I really love this pack. i play with it all the time when bored haha.

Hey guys,

Quick update on the AI update things are coming along nicely the combat and construction systems are almost ready, but we have ran in to constant issues with 4.10 but once updating to 4.11 all the problems are fixed.

So from now on feature updates will have to be 4.11+ due to the issues with 4.10, we will still continue to make minor updates and any fixes to 4.10.

Hey I just noticed the pack updated, can we get a changelog so I can see if its worth the update on my project?

Sorry about that forgot to post it, it was just a small fix for units not being able to move correctly in 4.13.

I’m still working on the AI update alot of testing going on at the moment try to get everything as stable as i can before sending it out to you guys.

Update 1.1.1 (Live)

  • Fixed disconnected pin in BP_Unitcontroller
  • Removed unused variable

Thanks, keep up the good work!

**Update 1.2 (Submitted) **

Hey guys

In this update we have added AI, this is still very much in development and will be improved over time with a main focus being on combat and customisation.
You can find all the patch notes and info on our new site linked below.

Patch notes -