RTS AI resource consumption and the logic behind it

I’m working on an sci-fi RTS game, most of the main features are compleat, but i’m a bit stuck with the AI
The question is. How would you guys set up the logic for the resource consuptions. How would he decide if he should spend his money to military or infrastructure

All help is much appreciated!

You should make a planner like STRIPS or GOAP. The basic idea for planners is that the AI has a goal and a list of actions, which all have a certain cost, that can be used to accomplish the goal. So if the goal was to spend the units money, it could go through the list of actions like spending it on military or infrastructure, then give a cost value to each of those actions, and then pick the best one (the least costly). This can also be applied to to greater problems like where should I attack.

That’s kind of a very basic explanation of planners, I would recommend looking into them more.

These are concepts that take some time to implement, but once you have an understanding you should be able to use UE4 to implement them. I would start researching these concepts as you can find a lot online, example:


Awesome! Thank you guys, im goning to look into it.